Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I've been spending the last couple of weeks working on different ideas for the nursery. Everything seems to center around the bedding though and that has been holding things up a bit. I was having trouble finding something that would both work with the green already in the room as well as bring in some blue and other colors to break things up - without being too cutesy and full of characters. I was so happy when we finally found something we liked that will really work great with the current color in the room. We won't be getting the bumper (since they're sold out) but I didn't intend on using one anyway. We will be getting the skirt, the quilt for in the room, as well as a euro sham for a pillow on the glider. I'm hoping it will all tie everything together nicely and give me a lot of options with other things in the room.

A few weeks ago we also ordered our crib. We took a trip out to Rock-A-Bye Baby Furniture in Annville to check out their selection and decide what kind of styles we liked. I was really impressed with their selection and set up. It was really nice to see the actual crib in person before deciding. We ended up ordering Munire's Essex model in white. I can't wait for it to arrive.

I'm really excited to get started with decorating the nursery and getting everything organized. The past month has been very productive as far as organization goes. I managed to clean out 3 closets, get things put up in the attic and unwanted things off to the salvation army.

An Eggplant . . .

Today we are under 100 days until my due date. I can't believe how fast time is flying and that in two weeks I'll be moving onto the third trimester.

Last Thursday we had our monthly checkup and everything is looking great. Weight gain is on track, everything is measuring well and his heartbeat sounded great. I also had my glucose tolerance. The glucose solution they have you drink wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought it would be. They haven't called with the results so I'm hoping that is a good sign that I passed. I'm going to call tomorrow to confirm everything came through good. Next appointment is July 8th.

At a little over 6 months I am feeling really great. The only recent change is I feel hungry more often and its becoming more difficult to get a good nights sleep. I got a couple of leg cramps last week and have tried to stay more hydrated hoping that makes a difference. Of course staying more hydrated means more trips to the bathroom.

Updated pic . .

26 weeks

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