Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nursery . . A Sneak Peak

The whole room isn't near completed yet but this corner is all ready for its close up :)

The pictures of the frames on the wall really do not do them justice. They look so much cuter in person. We plan to add his foot prints and birth announcement in the two smaller frames.

I'm so pleased with how everything looks together. I'm especially proud of how the curtains came out.

It's coming along nicely. Hopefully this weekend leads to more progress on the other side of the room.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Making Progress

What a great productive weekend! Saturday we finished up class 2 of 3 for our child birthing classes. I think we've both been enjoying the classes for the most part. I will admit I can't completely take the relaxation techniques all that seriously right now but I'm sure they may come in handy while in labor. There's just something about relaxing with a room full of strangers that seems foreign to me. We're both really excited for our next class this coming Saturday . . July 25th . . because it includes the hospital tour.

After class we took a ride out to Blue Ball to over indulge in the smorgasbord that is Shady Maple. And boy did we! We both went in their starving and left feeling like we never wanted to look at another edible thing for the rest of our lives. Well worth the trip. After our moment of gluttony we stopped at the Flower and Craft Warehouse. I'll admit this stop turned out to be a complete bust. Their basket selection was severely lacking this time around. It also may not have lived up to its potential because we were both stuffed to our gills and ready for a nice long nap. Once we got home I took what was probably the longest nap of my life . . 5 hours. It felt like heaven. :)

Sunday we spent the first half of the day running some errands and picking some things up for the nursery. Its been so much fun, for both Joe and I, picking different things out for the room. It really makes me happy seeing Joe is just as excited as I am about the smallest details . . like a cute little white piggy bank (even if it has a tiny chip in his little ear . . Joe says it gives him character). I feel so blessed to be going through this with my best friend. He's going to be an amazing father and I can't wait to see him and our son together.

We spent the evening working on things in the baby's room and just sitting in there taking it all in. Its slowly becoming our favorite room in the house. I hope to take some pictures this week of the progress . . . a crib and glider fully assembled, some curtains and decor on the walls. Its all coming together!

This is all setting in as reality for me now. Not that I wasn't very aware of everything before but now I seem to have mini-panic attacks about the fact that in just 2 months I'll be totally responsible for taking care of another human being. No matter how much I've looked forward to being a mother I don't think anything truly prepares you for just how mind blowing it all is. Here I sit, day in and day out, watching my belly bounce around like I swallowed a little mexican jumping bean wondering what he'll look like, what he'll be like, who's eyes will he have, will we be good parents, what will he think of us and his childhood 20 years from now . . so many things running through my head.

One thing I read that seemed to calm some of my fears about being a parent has been this - "Bad parents don't think about whether they'll be good parents or not . ." It may be total non-sense but it made me feel that perhaps Joe and I were at least on the right track.

Right now we're at a point where everything is a clean slate with our child. We haven't made mistakes yet (granted we haven't yet had the opportunity to either). Its like the night before football season starts and no one has 1 in the loss column . . . yet. I'm trying to come to terms with the reality that we're going to make mistakes. Not everything we do is going to be absolutely perfect or the absolute right way. All I can do is pray daily that those mistakes are trivial ones.

I'm looking forward to a shortened work week, a Dr appt Friday, seeing my favorite 6 month old (I know I had to edit this after I thought about it . . wow where did 6 months go!) :) and the DMB concert Friday. Hope everyone has a great week! I promise an updated belly pic and nursery pics soon.

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