Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fun

We're only a little over a month into fall and have already had so much fun!

We celebrated Jack's first birthday the first weekend of the month. Jack had a great birthday weekend that started with Lake Tobias and ended with a perfect party with friends and family.

Lake Tobias
We had such an awesome day here. The park itself is so clean. I was really impressed. We had wonderful weather and took the safari after we made our way around the park. Jack loved the llamas and goats in the petting zoo. He also had a great time seeing all the animals close up on the safari. Even Joe and I had a great time seeing all the animals, especially on the safari. I can't wait to go back next year.

Feeding the goats with Dad.

A beautiful Elk.

Some zedonk friends we met along the way.

All tuckered out and ready to head home

First Birthday fun!
Its been an amazing journey watching this tiny baby grow into a little boy. I'm extremely blessed to be his mother.
The day started out with balloons in bed! :)

Then it was off to the party for cupcakes, treats, decorations, friends, family and our first birthday cake.

Yummy Cupcakes

Yummy Treats

Cute Decorations

Then it was time for cake . .

Lots of cake! :)

He also had fun at home opening all his gifts.
What a lucky little boy.

Even More Fall Fun
Jack and I went to the Halloween parade in our neighborhood this year. It was nice seeing our neighbors out and Jack had a great time. He loved the fire trucks and the marching bands the best.

Trying to get another look at the fire trucks.

We had a ball on the horse drawn hay ride at Ashcombe and also enjoyed picking out pumpkins at Strite's Orchard with Nan and Pop. Mommy and Daddy carved our pumpkins but Jack enjoyed playing with the pumpkin's tops. He did not however like pumpkins guts one bit.

We also took Jack trick or treating for his first time this year. He dressed as a lion and rode around in his car with Mom and Dad for about an hour before heading back to his post at home handing out candy to all the kids with Lucy.


Last but not least Jack took his very first steps from Daddy to Mommy right before bed time on October 23rd, 2010 at 12 months 3 weeks. He's still working on mastering his craft but takes more and more unassisted steps every day. He's was a pro at cruising around with his favorite birthday gift from Grandma and Pop . . his trusty dinosaur . . . right from the start.

The face cracks me up.

And that's all just the month of October!

Even though this will be Jack's second holiday season we're so excited since he'll be so much more interactive this year. Looking forward to the rest of the season . . Happy Fall!

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