Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Big Reveal

Last Wednesday April 29th was our big ultrasound. Our day started bright and early around 6:30. I remember waking up thinking about everything we'd find out that day.

Here we are before heading out . . .

As we drove over to the hospital I started to get butterflies thinking about all we'd learn in the next hour and how much it could change things.

It wasn't long until we were done sitting in the waiting room and were back getting ready to start. I was so amazed to see just how big our little peanut sized baby had grown since our last U/S 2 full months ago. I was even more amazed when the ultrasound tech pointed out our baby's little boy parts on the screen. I turned to Joe and the tears started from both of us. I went into this appointment fully expecting to hear our baby was a girl and can't even convey how surprised I was to hear the word penis. Obviously we would have been ecstatic either way but this came as such a surprise since we were both expecting to hear it was a girl.

The rest of the ultrasound went great and it was wonderful just watching him move around on the screen. We ended up having to go back again today to get more pictures of the heart because after rolling on my side and a bathroom break we still couldn't get him to roll over. Our U/S today was just as amazing . . confirmed he is definitely a boy . . and showed the heart looks great too. Everything feels so real knowing I'm carrying my little boy and being able to see how much he's grown and progressing. I feel so blessed right now.

Here is a pic of our little baby boy . . .

We held off sharing the news with our family until the weekend when we could tell them in person. We decided to put together some cupcakes to share the message with them.

They went over great and were a fun way to tell everyone the big news. Everyone seemed to echo the same response though . . . Girl or Boy it doesn't matter as long as they are healthy.

I'm so relieved everything is looking good. I'm feeling great (pregnancy wise - I could do without this nasty cold) and can't wait to start moving on to planning the nursery and getting prepared for our little guy's arrival.


charlene May 6, 2009 at 3:37 AM  

Ok...so I've known since last Wednesday, a whole week by now...so why am I sitting here with tears??? (maybe the margaritas? - Happy Cinco de Mayo Pickle!)

I'm so happy for you guys!!! And darn, those cupcakes look good...darn squirrel stole mine, but I'm sure he enjoyed it ;)

C and M May 8, 2009 at 6:44 PM  

I thought you were going to have a girl too. I'm so happy that everything is going well! Congrats on your BOY!!! You are going to love being a momma :)

And now I'm craving cupcakes ... allergen free cookies just aren't the same but they'll have to do ;)

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