Monday, May 17, 2010

My Son the Grunge Rock Fan

In the early days of Jack's life we were so fortunate to have our amazing Daddy home with us for a couple of weeks. Once those weeks were over I'll admit the fussy evenings weren't much fun. Usually the swing was my savior when nursing didn't prove to comfort him quite long enough. I vividly remember one night being at my wits end. He was fed. He was dry. He had napped. I tried everything. Even the damn Five S's weren't doing crap to help this kid. Sorry Dr. Karp. He just wanted to cry and/or torment his poor sleep deprived mother.

That night I discovered the one tried and true thing to calm Jack's cries. Nirvana. That's right, my son, the grunge rock fan. Here is video we shot one especially fussy night back when Jack was 6 and a half months.

To this day he still calms down a couple cords into this song. Who knew Kurt Cobain would be my savior?


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